What should be shown on the product label of cosmetics?

What should be shown on the product label of cosmetics?

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2019-11-25

The compliance of the cosmetic product labels with the regulation is very important, as this is the part of the product that is the most prominent and noticeable both for the consumers and for the authorities. The EU Cosmetics Regulation lists very specific requirements for labeling of cosmetic products placed on the EU market. According to Article 19 of the regulation, the container and packaging of cosmetic products have to bear the following information in indelible, easily legible and visible lettering:

• Function of the cosmetic product, unless it is clear from its presentation
• The name and address of the EU Responsible person
• The country of origin if the product is imported from countries outside of the EU
• Net quantity of the contents of the product, given by weight or volume
• Date of minimum durability or period after opening for which the product is safe
• Precautions for use
• Batch number or any reference for product identification; and
• Full list of ingredients according to their INCI names


Some of these elements may also be mentioned on an enclosed or attached leaflet, label, tape, tag or card if it is impossible to list them on the labels. Moreover, certain information on the label needs to be translated into the official language(s) of the countries where the product is sold. EU has numerous official languages and some countries even have more than one official language・


Besides these requirements, also keep in mind that the claims made on the label have to be in line with the definition of cosmetic products in the EU and that claims need to be substantiated.

What should be shown on the product label of cosmetics?


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