What are the tests that my cosmetic products need to undergo?

What are the tests that my cosmetic products need to undergo?

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2019-10-22

A cosmetics selling in the EU must comply with the regulation, and what are the tests need to undergo for cosmetics?

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Stability testing

a cosmetic product would still conform to the specifications set when stored under appropriate conditions during its shelf life. Stability tests can be conducted by exposing samples of the product in real-time or under accelerated temperature conditions and then evaluating them for various parameters to observe for any physical, chemical or microbiological changes・ Interactions between the product and the packaging should also be considered cosmetic products? since some product components may react with the container or the container may not fully protect the product・


Microbiological challenge testing

For cosmetic products with a high probability of microbial contamination such as aqueous products, it is necessary to subject the product to a challenge test in order to guarantee the efficacy of the preservative system in preventing the proliferation of microorganisms. Challenge tests involve artificially contaminating a sample of the product with bacteria and fungi for a number of days and then evaluating the decrease in contamination to predefined microbial limits. Some products may be exempted from microbial challenge testing due to their low microbial contamination risk. These are products that do not contain water, contain a high percentage of alcohol or have pH below 3 or above 10. However, a justification for the lack of challenge test has to be provided・


Claims substantiation

Cosmetic product claims are governed by a separate EU Regulation (EC No. 655/2013). This regulation provides 6 common criteria that should be followed: legal compliance, truthfulness, evidential support, honesty, fairness and informed decision-making. Each claim made on the label, unless obvious or a clear exaggeration, should be substantiated using experimental studies, consumer perception tests, published information, or a combination of all of these.

Take note that testing of cosmetic products and ingredients conducted on animals is strictly prohibited, even if the tests have been conducted in countries outside the EU.

What are the tests that my cosmetic products need to undergo?

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