Limits for heavy metals in cosmetics for different Area

When you create your own cosmetics brand, is better you learn a litter bit of cosmetics regulation. different countries that the cosmetics regulation will different.

Below is the Limits for heavy metals in cosmetics for different area.

Limits for heavy metals in cosmetics for different Area

If you plan sell your own cosmetics brand to Germany, and then you need to make sure the products comply with BVL. As you can see BVL standards more strict than others.

Here is what we do for the orders need to comply with BVL. When we make cosmetics samples then we will talk with the raw material suppliers and mentioned that the products need to comply with BVL. So we will use high-quality raw material to make samples.

After sample finish then bring the samples to our local government’s lab to test. Our customers also will send the samples to another lab test, such as SGS.

If the test no problem, when mass production we will use same batch raw materials that made sample.

Sometimes different batch raw materials they the test result will different. The raw material suppliers cannot 100% assure each batch raw materials is the same result.

AS BVL data too strict, we need to use high quality raw material (product price will raise), but not just simply buy those expensive raw materials can solve this problem.

If the test does not reach BVL stander. We need to adjust the cosmetics’s formula and reduce the concentration of one of raw material,so that pass BVL. But that will sacrifice product performance.

If plan make a private label cosmetics and if you choose to work us, you don’t need to worry about the regulation. You just let us know which area you plan to sell the cosmetics, and we will make the products comply with your local cosmetics regulation accordingly.


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