Currently Sample Delivery Status / delivery time

Currently Sample Delivery Status / delivery time

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2022-4-15

Dear all customers,

Normally our sample time (2-5) days for the tester sample.
Customize sample time around 7-15 days.

When we send out the samples, normally we will use work with FedEx company. but some hard customs clearance countries the parcel will be sent by DHL, UPS, and EMS.

The express company treats the cosmetics products (have a liquid and powder) as sensitive products. So the parcel will be sent to our delivery agent’s head warehouse to them check first and then have a FedEx tracking number if everything is no problem.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak in our near city early this month. The government strictly controls the people in or out of the nearby cities.  Only the people with valid passes, health codes and proof of negative COVID tests(within 48 hours) will be able to leave the zone. Now we send out the parcel or the other material’s suppliers delivery the materials to us very slowly, if the raw materials we don’t receive on time will affect we making samples, so we need longer time to make samples.

I think end of this month our government will well control the covid-19 and early of May our work/life will be back to normal.

More Chinese cities tighten controls as Shanghai COVID cases rise | Reuters

China: Officials enhancing COVID-19 restrictions in parts of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, as of April 19 /update 1 | Crisis24 (


Thanks for your understanding!
Kasey Beauty team