About our product quality

About our product quality

Author:Kasey Beauty Time:2021-11-12

Our product can be fully customized. Such as customized tubes, bottle/powder packaging by your design, Custom makeup quality, colors, fragrance and paper box packing etc.

About the makeup quality, If you are not sure which type of quality you final choose.  We can prepare different qualities for your to check.

We send our tester samples for your test first, and then you confirm to me if that is the quality you want or not.
If that is not you expect quality, Based on your feedback we update the makeup formula resend it to you. (we can fix the problem 3 times resend it to you if the quality not you expect)

If you like other brand quality then arrange a sample to us, and our lab will review then try to copy the formula and make similar quality as your provide sample

About our product quality

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